What to Expect from Your SRES

A REALTOR® who chooses to become an SRES® does so because he or she enjoys interacting with seniors.

My decision to become an SRES® is rooted in a desire to help others. It means that I have respect for older individuals;  the ability to listen deeply and ask the right questions; knows how to communicate the old fashioned way, with a handshake and a visit. Be prepared to sit and chat awhile. I want to take time to get to know you and your family’s situation, as you get to know me. 

An SRES® understands that this can be a stressful time for a family

It’s hard to deal with leaving a home after spending many years in it. Perhaps the parent would actually prefer to go on living there. As your agent, I want to understand the challenges you all face in this major decision. By doing so, I can  can present all available options, so that the outcome is one that will suit your family’s needs.

At times, the amount of information coming your way may seem overwhelming.

As your SRES® agent, I am here to help by tailoring meetings to my client's needs. Don’t be afraid to ask as many questions as you’d like until you feel comfortable with the steps to the sales process and other potentially-complicated details. If you're feeling overwhelmed, that's no problem! I suggest taking breaks so you can absorb the information, at a comfortable speed. I am also happy to break up the pre-listing process over several visits to your home.

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